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Patterns: Level 4

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Developed by New Zealand reading specialist and author, Pam Holden, this exciting reading program offers an extensive range of illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles at graded levels. Red Rocket Readers offer a carefully controlled sequence of challenges throughout the levels to ensure students progress with confidence and enthusiasm.

Patterns Of Attachment

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Ethological attachment theory is a landmark of 20th century social and behavioral sciences theory and research. This new paradigm for understanding primary relationships across the lifespan evolved from John Bowlby's critique of psychoanalytic drive theory and his own clinical observations, supplemented by his knowledge of fields as diverse as primate ethology, control systems theory, and cognitive psychology. By the time he had written the first volume of his classicAttachment and Loss trilogy, Mary D. Salter Ainsworth's naturalistic observations in Uganda and Baltimore, and her theoretical and descriptive insights about maternal care and the secure base phenomenon had become integral to attachment theory.

Patterns of Attachment reports the methods and key results of Ainsworth's landmark Baltimore Longitudinal Study. Following upon her naturalistic home observations in Uganda, the Baltimore project yielded a wealth of enduring, benchmark results on the nature of the child's tie to its primary caregiver and the importance of early experience. It also addressed a wide range of conceptual and methodological issues common to many developmental and longitudinal projects, especially issues of age appropriate assessment, quantifying behavior, and comprehending individual differences. In addition, Ainsworth and her students broke new ground, clarifying and defining new concepts, demonstrating the value of the ethological methods and insights about behavior.

Today, as we enter the fourth generation of attachment study, we have a rich and growing catalogue of behavioral and narrative approaches to measuring attachment from infancy to adulthood. Each of them has roots in the Strange Situation and the secure base concept presented in Patterns of Attachment. It inclusion in the Psychology PressClassic Editions series reflects Patterns of Attachment's continuing significance and insures its availability to new generations of students, researchers, and clinicians.

Spatial Patterns

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Spatial Patterns offers a study of nonlinear higher order model equations that are central to the description and analysis of spatio-temporal pattern formation in the natural sciences. Through a unique combination of results obtained by rigorous mathematical analysis and computational studies, the text exhibits the principal families of solutions, such as kinks, pulses and periodic solutions, and their dependence on critical eigenvalue parameters, and points to a rich structure, much of which still awaits exploration.

The exposition unfolds systematically, first focusing on a single equation to achieve optimal transparency, and then branching out to wider classes of equations. The presentation is based on results from real analysis and the theory of ordinary differential equations.

Key features:

* presentation of a new mathematical method specifically designed for the analysis of multi-bump solutions of reversible systems

* strong emphasis on the global structure of solution branches

* extensive numerical illustrations of complex solutions and their dependence on eigenvalue parameters

* application of the theory to well-known equations in mathematical physics and mechanics, such as the Swift--Hohenberg equation, the nonlinear Schrodinger equation and the equation for the nonlinearly supported beam

* includes recent original results by the authors

* exercises scattered throughout the text to help illuminate the theory

* many research problems

The book is intended for mathematicians who wish to become acquainted with this new area of partial and ordinary differential equations, for mathematical physicists who wish to learn about the theory developed for a class of well-known higher order pattern-forming model equations, and for graduate students who are looking for an exciting and promising field of research.


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