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Progressive Patterns - A Man's World

RRP $44.99

Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book is a compilation of 30 adult colouring designs from the nikk nakk designs team especially for men.

The talented creative team at nikk nakk designs make it so easy to release your artistic spirit - as you progress through the book, the designs become more challenging - with more detailed patterns and smaller colouring spaces.

Experiment with different mediums and techniques as your confidence grows.

Adults worldwide are discovering for themselves that relaxation can be found when they take the time to disconnect from technology and retreat into a simpler world where paper and pencils rule - and there aren't any restrictions.

You have the freedom to just let your mind wander as your masterpiece takes shape.

Don't worry if you haven't had any experience with art since you left school. There are no rules- forget your kindergarten teacher - you don't even have to stay inside the lines - just let your creative juices flow.

Progressive Patterns are specifically designed to encourage you to take those first steps - simply choose a design which appeals to you, choose your pens or pencils - then JUST ADD COLOUR.

Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book

Choose one of the 30 designs which become more challenging as your skills develop.

Each design is printed on only one page to avoid 'bleed through'.

Each design is printed on 11.5 x 8 inch with sufficient space to let your imagination run wild.

The pages are suitable for colouring with pens, pencils, gel pens, metallic pens, water colour pencils - the choice is yours.

You will quickly discover 'your inner artist'as you personalize each design with your own color style.

Find your inner peace as you release the stress of the day.

Patterns Of Speculation

RRP $137.95

The main objective of this 2002 book is to show that behind the bewildering diversity of historical speculative episodes it is possible to find hidden regularities, thus preparing the way for a unified theory of market speculation. Speculative bubbles require the study of various episodes in order for a comparative perspective to be obtained and the analysis developed in this book follows a few simple but unconventional ideas. Investors are assumed to exhibit the same basic behavior during speculative episodes whether they trade stocks, real estate, or postage stamps. The author demonstrates how some of the basic concepts of dynamical system theory, such as the notions of impulse response, reaction times and frequency analysis, play an instrumental role in describing and predicting speculative behavior. This book will serve as a useful introduction for students of econophysics, and readers with a general interest in economics as seen from the perspective of physics.

Wild Animal Patterns

RRP $20.99

  • From renowned illustrator Jeremy Gordon comes a wild new adult coloring book title: Wild Animal Patterns!
  • Published by Blue Star, the team that brought you the #1 Amazon Bestseller, "Stress Relieving Patterns, Vol. 1."
  • This adult coloring book contains 30 meticulously crafted designs featuring some of the fiercest and freest wild animals around the world.
  • Designs range in complexity from beginner to expert-level.
  • Provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression.
  • Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!

Simple Living

RRP $16.99

Simple Living: Over 55 Ways To Declutter Your Life, Reduce Stress And Be a Happier Person Have you ever felt overwhelmed and stressed due to the clutter and disorganization of your life? Have you ever wanted to downsize and simplify your world? If you're trying to get more done with less and minimize your stress level then this book is for you!I want to show you how simplifying your life can be extremely beneficial and extraordinarily easy! These 55+ steps will completely change your life! If you want to learn how to minimize stress, organize your life and declutter your home and workspace then you have to check out this book.You Will Learn..... - How to get your head on straight and focus your energy- How to use your money wisely and be frugal when necessary - How and why you should limit your time using social media - How to minimize your wardrobe - How to limit the relationships in your life and focus on the important people- How to choose the job that's best for you - How to de-clutter your abode and workspace- How to cleanse your body and balance your life And much, much more!Act now and get "Simple Living: Over 55 Ways To Declutter Your Life, Reduce Stress And Be a Happier Person. A happier more simplified life is only a few pages away! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY RIGHT NOWTAGS---------------------------living a clutter free life, simplify your life, frugal living, minimalist living, stress free life, how to downsize, simple living and loving it, Be More Productive, Simple Living and Loving it, Getting Things Done, Declutter, proven steps to a simple life

Patterns Of Attachment

RRP $254.99

Ethological attachment theory is a landmark of 20th century social and behavioral sciences theory and research. This new paradigm for understanding primary relationships across the lifespan evolved from John Bowlby's critique of psychoanalytic drive theory and his own clinical observations, supplemented by his knowledge of fields as diverse as primate ethology, control systems theory, and cognitive psychology. By the time he had written the first volume of his classicAttachment and Loss trilogy, Mary D. Salter Ainsworth's naturalistic observations in Uganda and Baltimore, and her theoretical and descriptive insights about maternal care and the secure base phenomenon had become integral to attachment theory.

Patterns of Attachment reports the methods and key results of Ainsworth's landmark Baltimore Longitudinal Study. Following upon her naturalistic home observations in Uganda, the Baltimore project yielded a wealth of enduring, benchmark results on the nature of the child's tie to its primary caregiver and the importance of early experience. It also addressed a wide range of conceptual and methodological issues common to many developmental and longitudinal projects, especially issues of age appropriate assessment, quantifying behavior, and comprehending individual differences. In addition, Ainsworth and her students broke new ground, clarifying and defining new concepts, demonstrating the value of the ethological methods and insights about behavior.

Today, as we enter the fourth generation of attachment study, we have a rich and growing catalogue of behavioral and narrative approaches to measuring attachment from infancy to adulthood. Each of them has roots in the Strange Situation and the secure base concept presented in Patterns of Attachment. It inclusion in the Psychology PressClassic Editions series reflects Patterns of Attachment's continuing significance and insures its availability to new generations of students, researchers, and clinicians.


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